Board of Health

1529 State Road
Richmond, MA 01254

Public Office Hours
Wednesday 9:00AM-2:30PM

Monthly Meetings
First Tuesday 6:00PM
Richmond Town Hall

Louise Maron

Andrew Fisher
Tony Segal
Peter Cohen
Fred Schubert

Health Agent
John Olander

Food Establishment Permit $50.00 
Food Establishment Permit (temporary) $25.00 
Installation of Septic System $75.00 
Septic System Permit - Complete System (engineering plan to review) $100.00
Septic System Repair Permit (minor repairs) $50.00 
Well Permit $50.00 
Title V Inspection Witness  $25.00/hr, $50.00 minimum 
Percolation Tests  $25.00/hr, $75.00 minimum 
Recreational Camp  $50.00 
Bathing Beach  $25.00